What if you could "reboot" your brain!

IASIS Micro Current Neurofeedback

Now there is a revolutionary way to help reverse issues

connected to dysregulation of the brain and central nervous system.



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About MCN

IASIS is not s symptom-based modality, but rather a means  of supporting the Central Nervous System in self-regulation.  It utilizes an EEG unit that is registered with the FDA and is perceived to distract the brain from its fixed patterning, resulting in helping to reverse issues connected to dysregulation of the brain and CNS.

Neurofeedback & Traditional Naturopathic Health Care

* Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

* Whole Body Approach

* Dietary Interventions

*Diet, nutrients, botanicals, glandulars

*Neurotransmitters / amino acids

*Psycho-educational based food mood assessment

* Natural & Herbal Medicine

* Iridology

*Low-Dose Micro-Current Neurofeedback

*Metabolic and Nutritional Assessment

* Neutraceuticals

*Nutritional Response Testing

*General Health &  Wellness

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